With over 80,000 members from 175 countries since 2009, Advanced Poker Training is the leader in adaptive, intelligent poker training. We are constantly in the process of improving site content, and all of us are very grateful for your positive comments and encouragement! We've selected some of our favorite comments received here.

Marcia Kuntz
“MarciaK” makes quads (see video here)
Congratulations to APT member Marcia Kuntz for her big win at the WSOP Main Event! This was Marcia’s first WSOP. She battled her way through the first four days, each day extending her hotel and plane reservation by another day. Marcia finally exited the tournament on Day 5, in 91st Place, winning $ 61,313. In a field of 6,683 players that was almost 96% men, Marcia was nearly the “last woman standing”, only outlasted by poker pro Maria Ho, who took 77th, and Mikiyo Aoki, who took 83rd.

A member of Advanced Poker Training since 2013, “MarciaK” has played over 800,000 hands of poker on APT, mostly using the MTT simulator. She also trains by playing tournaments at her local cardroom, Maryland Live.

In “real life”, Marcia is a Princeton Grad and a lawyer in the Washington DC area.

Read the full interview here (along with some great pictures from the event)...

APT's software allows for quicker play and the ability to set up very specific situations where you are weakest. For example, if you have trouble playing out of the blinds with small pocket pairs, you can set up that scenario and play 1,000 hands of it. By the end of the session, you will be MUCH better at this skill!Richard Jenkins, HowtoPlayPokerInfo

APT is the Gold Standard by which all training sites will be measured!Bob Wages, Raceland, KY

I just wanted to say that the MTT trainer was a great help in cashing at the WSOP Circuit Events this past weekend. I made back to back Final Tables. The Goal is to win a WSOP bracelet or WSOP Circuit Event Ring in 2015. I think I'll do it with training on APT.Chris McCarthy, San Pedro, CA

Best tool to learn, sharpen skills, and determine what works for you as well as what doesn't. I learned that I need a lot of help with suited connectors like 78s. I've plugged a leak in my game just by mucking these kinds of hands more often. I won't go back to them unless I learn to make money with them.Bob L., Las Vegas, NV

APT is an excellent learning tool. Keep up the good work. David Huber (PocketFives.com Admin), posted to poker forum

I'm 100% positive that using Advanced Poker Training is making my game better.Tim Giehl, Mannheim, Germany

A very interesting program, website -- far better than anything else I've seen, and I've seen most of them! Bill F., Las Vegas, NV

This site is 100 times better than watching videos. I can't imagine there is any way to get better at poker faster. I am a chess player too and I have found that the only thing that helps me get better is playing against tough opponents. That is what you get here, but you dont have to wait for slow opponents, so you can train a lot faster. Gils_Merle, comment on pokersoftware.com

Advanced Poker Training has already paid for itself 100 times over for me.Marcus Hough, Jonesborough, TN

I really have not found a better tool out there to practice what I am reading about in my book learning from authors such as Sklansky, Ed Miller, Dan Harrington, Annie Duke, Tri Nguyen, etc. With online poker unavailable to US players currently, that cuts out an obvious forum for practice. For my purposes, at this point in my poker education, you have the best poker "practice" tool available...truly a bargain.David L., New York, NY

Love the site! p.s. I took down my local game for a thousand bucks on a two hundred dollar buy-in cash game last week. Your site must be teaching me something!Stephen W., Los Angeles, CA

Just want to share with you that your "bots" play well indeed! The bots that inhabit the "A Poker Party" game, the easiest "medium" game, are better than the "live" players who play in the $1/$2 NLHE games in the Flamingo, Bally's, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, Hooters and Stratosphere poker rooms. This I can tell you from comparing my results, having played the bots in "A Poker Party" with the live players in these Las Vegas rooms. It's hard to believe that your lower ranking bots do so well comparatively. That is a compliment! Ray B., Las Vegas, NV

Your program is more than FANTASTIC!!! ALMOST EVERYTHING one needs for practice is here. I now dominate my home games -- your program will more than pay for itself even at very low stakes!!!!Robert Welch, Lubbock, TX

I found advanced poker training through this site and I became a member a week ago. I am enjoying my membership and I think the best feature is the automatically saved hands. Whenever I make a play that is not very good, it saves the hand for me so I can review it with an advisor. When I watch the replays, then I can decide how I would play differently in the future. This feature alone is worth the membership fee. I would consider myself an average player, and I would recommend this site particularly for lower-mid stakes players. ChippingAway, comment on pokersoftware.com

I'll recommend the site to others. It's helped me greatly. Adrian O., Lak Si, Thailand

Just wanted to drop you a line. Before APT, I had been playing poker for 6 years and had been a net loser . So far this year I am up almost $1100 in 5 sessions at Atlantic City and Foxwoods playing $1/$2 no limit. I hope you will understand if I don't tell anybody about APT. Like to keep that knowledge to myself! LOL. I just wanted to say THANK YOU.Todd L., Wernersville, PA

There's a lot of really great poker training sites out there, and APT is definitely one of them. I've had more than my fair share of successes directly after placing time into teaching and learning. There's a wealth of great poker knowledge out there, and Advanced Poker Training has its fair share of some of the very best of it. Paul Ellis, posted to poker forum

I've improved substantially just in one week of going through so many hands with your program. I love it. Guy D., Valley Village, CA

Congratulations on the site, it is very fun and really helpful. I'm getting especially frustrated playing the Dumpster Alley level. Here the opponents are loose, and try to outplay you many hands (that's great).José V., Grenada, Spain

Just letting you know how great your site and the tests are! I've been a member about 2 weeks, and have moneyed in a couple small tourneys, 1st, 2nd, and a few final tables. Thank you. You turned a passive/tight player in to a tight/aggressive player. My 'roll' that never broke a $100, is now $645, and I have the knowledge, and the confidence, to take it up a level or 2. Thank you!Steve J., Hawaii

Kudos to you and your team, I totally love this training site!Scott O., Glenwood City, WI

I just wanted to say thank you. I joined yesterday; last night I played in a $50 buy-in tournament at my local poker room and with 102 entries I was the chip leader when we decided to chop it and took home $550! This site really works and that was only day 1. Thank you!Ned W., Dunedin, FL

I really love the site and highly recommend it. I think the software is better than any other NL Hold'em game out there, I can play a ton of hands really fast, and the advice and odds functions have helped me tremendously. Best deal out there in terms of a NL Holdem game you can play against computer opponents. Much, much better and faster than the expensive Wilson software. ChippingAway, posted to poker forum

While I am new to the site, I have already noticed an extremely positive effect on my approach to my game. I am particularly impressed with the RealPokerIQ stat and the Overall RealPokerSkill stat. Paying careful attention to the statistics opens up a whole new way to approach improving one's game. Roger, APT Member

I love this program. My eyes have been opened!Jeremiah H., Panama City, FL

Sold! Becoming a member today.Andrew N., Washington, DC

Truly an exceptional site... I think you're going to need to raise your price! Robert F., Irvine, CA

Im going to the WSOP and just signed up for a month and completed around 200 hands last night. I really like this website/program. I would recommend it to anyone that I'm not playing against..lolMarcus P., San Jose, CA

I think this website is largely responsible for me going from a break-even player to a solid winner.Paul R., Toledo, OH

I love the site, by the way. It is helping me understand exactly where I have leaks.Alaine N., Gothenburg, Sweden

Thanks, I will certainly tell other poker players about it, the training stuff is really, really good.Mike G., APT Member

Absolutely believe this site will make me a more profitable cash game player. Doug H., APT Member

Great program! Lori S., Carmel, CA

Started using your training site 1 month ago ... today for the first time ever, I made a final table and got paid $265.00 3rd place. I started playing poker 5 years ago.... Recommend this site to all!!!Bernard M., Los Angeles, CA

I've been playing online since March 2003 and APT is the best training, instruction and/or practice site I have used.Jim M., Denville, NJ

Well after just a few days i am certain your site is a great value, my poker game is getting better and i know it is because of the spot on advice and superior practice opportunities your site provides.Crag C., Richmond, Canada

I just got back from Las Vegas and placed 8th out of more than 1,000 players, Although I have cashed in smaller fields. I am sure that my best finish and largest cash was due to the time that I have spent on this site.Paul P., Dundee, IL

APT is a wonderful training site. I am a recreational player, and play a weekly tournament at a local casino. I want to do my best, and have spent a good amount of time learning the game over the last few years. I recently rejoined the site, as a lifetime member, after looking at the MTT training portion of APT. In the last 3 of 4 weekly tournaments I played, I finished in the top 4 spots, at which point we made a deal to split the remaining prize pool. APT's MTT training module has helped me play better, and helped me fix some leaks, especially pre-flop situations in the various stages of MTTs. I really love the weekly training plans, after practicing for the previous week. The realistic play, with getting in numerous hands in a short period of time, is super valuable. I also like the various reports that slices by all the relevant metrics. Finally, I love that I can practice a specific type of scenario over and over (eg. specific hand or type of hand, specific position, or particular stage in a tournament, etc.).David R., Kansas City, MO

I am VERY pleased with the investment I made to become a lifetime member of your site. WELL DONE!Gene P., Rochester, NY

Great!  Perfect! Once again, Steve, my compliments.  This is a BRILLIANT addition to the product, and I'm going to be using it for every session I play, and I play a lot. And also, having been in the IT business for many years - great tech support from you and your team.Paul R., New York, NY

You have made QUITE the program and site. Life enrichment for others, you can’t ask more than that out of your own life. THANK-YOU!!! Chris K., St. Helena Island, SC

I tried out this simulator. This thing is awesome! I love the real-time feedback. It seems to be a great learning tool. Appreciate it. Lee Teschler

I played in 12 WSOP events this summer. I had 4 cashes. With lots of play and studying on AdvancedPokerTraining.com as well as making my way through Poker Without Fear my play has steadily gotten much better and I have a lot more confidence in my game. I’m really glad I found AdvancedPokerTraining.com – it has been great for me. Sims White

Studied with the Beat the Pro feature of AdvancedPokerTraining, competing with Kenna James. Then played first live tournament in ages and got 3rd of 136! Best poker training software and best poker coach! Hard to imagine anything better! @HowardMazer

I just love your product! Here in Norway, we have no card-rooms or places where we can play live poker on a regular basis. Based on this, I find a lot of joy improving my poker skills by using APT. Stig Larvin

It's a privilege to be a full-fledged lifetime member of the site, some of the best money I've ever spent on anything!!! Mike R., Scottsdale AZ

Even though your bots kick my butt at $1/$3 9-max seven out of ten sessions, I felt I was getting sharper with just 3 weeks back on your site. Well, yesterday four of us went to Harrah's. At a $1/$3 table I turned my $200 stake into $1126 over the course of 6 hours. I know I got some very good hands to play but also know APT has taught me how better to take advantage of them. Thank you Advanced Poker Training!!! My subscription money is well spent. Ed James

I'm very happy with your training program. It is the best one I've seen. It makes me better in preflop and postflop situations as I keep a chart of the players I'm against using a circle and sitting positions - if they are tight, loose, bluff, slowplay, etc. I check off the boxes as I watch how they play. Great for teaching me about my greatest mistake. Dr. Dale McSherry

First of all, thanks for building such an amazing program. Whether I want to improve a particular part of my game, work on a specific range and position, or just pretend to play the main in a boring meeting, APT is always there. Dan Morris

I've been using your training site for 6-7 months. I became a winning live tournament player at my local casino this year, and yesterday I won my biggest cash ever at $4,767 at a "free roll" benefit tournament for the best players of the last 6 months at our local casino. Thank you and thank the organization of Advanced Poker Training.Joe Cook, Chandler, AZ

I believe (am certain) that your site is light years ahead of anything I have seen.Jack Lawler, Houston, TX

Played a tourney and beat 126 players! My decisions are a lot easier since I learned I was playing too many hands and took them too far. I play more aggessive now, since I know I have to put the pressure on when I can -- to max my chances with a strong hand. I am learning a lot and even though I spent a lot of time reading books and watching videos, when I go back to them as learning tools they are more clear to me since I joined this site. Student of this excellent site for life!Jeff Smith, "Future Pro", Grand Junction, CO

I played with some friends in a home game yesterday. We play a tournament rather than a cash game because some of the guys don't want to lose too much money and basically refuse to play a cash game with me as I'm the acknowledged best player in the game. I usually am the big (sometimes only) winner, but yesterday's session was really brutal - I simply beat their socks off. I know my game has improved since I started using your software. I've had a really solid game for many years but now my game is significantly better. I told them about your software and you are probably going to get a couple of new customers as a result.Ed S., Bellevue, NE

I just want to say that I love your site. It's an amazing concept, and a great way to practice, learn, and have fun at the same time.Jarrod F., Metairie, LA

For God's sake raise your prices! Every Tom, Dick, and Harry are going to buy this! It would have cost me a fortune to have this much game time to learn from experience.Nick Seelt, Marion Bay, South Australia

You guys are the best. I love the continuous improvements to the site, the tournaments etc. (not to mention the Caro affiliation). I constantly talk you up to people and hopefully have gotten you some subscribers. Recently, you helped me to win a $1k bounty prize in the annual Netjets tournament.Roy B., Millwood, NY

Great website. I'm plugging a million holes in my game right off the bat. A big thanks! My only regret is that I didn't find this sooner.Marcus C., Lemon Grove, CA

I always wanted this since Turbo Texas Holdem software became obsolete. You guys aced it with this!” (referring to the new Multi-Table Tournament simulator)Richard K., Las Vegas, NV

This is the best poker investment I have made!Patrick Lineman, San Dimas, CA

I have been on the site a couple of months now. I love it! It has been very beneficial to me. I don't get to play live often, but since starting the site I have cashed in 2 of 3 tournaments. Won one of them and took 3rd in another. Well worth the money for the site. I am trying to talk my wife into buying me lessons from Mike or Tom for an anniversary gift.Jeff D., Canton, MO

I really enjoy this site. Thank you for continuing to add new features such as the Sunday tournament. I know all the training has helped me to become a better player. I look forward to any and all new features.Cheri C., Wabeno, WI

I just wanted to let you guys know that I had my first BIG cash in a MTT this past weekend. I finished 2nd in the River Card Cup tournament at Pechanga Casino and took home $11,890. This was 10 times more than any previous amounts that I had won which I attribute mostly to using your software in order to improve my skills and increase my aggression.Frank L., Anza, CA

Cool program. Lots of hands per hour, fun practice. I actually saw one of the bots in real life at Mohegan Sun! I saw the guy walk off with 5 trays of chips one day (green, red, and a handful of black!!). The dealer said his name was "Cain" but that they called him "snakeman." He looked exactly like "Raising Cain" from the final level on APT, hat, beard, all of it. [Ed. note: It was probably him! That bot is based on a real person who lives near there.] Rich1976, comment on pokersoftware.com

The new weekly training program is SO helpful. It gives me specific things to focus on and an easy way to practice. Nice work!Barb Doerr, Englewood, CO

My congratulations on a excellent idea and great product! I love the site...thanks for creating it. Terry P., Black Hawk, CO

Thank you for the improvements in the cash games. Specifically, making the NL blinds variable and making the aggressiveness variable. It helps me duplicate my regular game quite nicely. Ray B., Las Vegas, NV

This site is simply amazing. I am done with sites that only let you watch videos. The opponents are solid, and they give you advice while you play. Plus it gives you weekly reports, hand replays, oh and now they have a sit-n-go trainer too. Carrington, comment on pokersoftware.com

Best training site I have ever used. Martin E., Lecanto, FL

Love this amazing system and a huge thanks to the whole team, I am going to be getting the lifetime license! I absolutely love this software and will be with you guys for life!Gaston P., Paris, France

I thought i was a good player (right!). With this site I can now see that I had mega holes in my game. Tom B., Guelph, Canada

For those that haven't checked this out, its a pretty great training tool for your 6-max NLHE game. The bots are pretty good and mostly unpredictable with respect to their holdings, but it has incredible capabilities to customize work on specific areas as well. For instance, I worked on suited connectors and set it so that every hand I was dealt a suited connector from each position. The advice given by the coach changed my approach a great deal in certain spots. But you can change the settings to work on Premium hands only, or random hands, or whatever you'd like. It's a pretty cool program that is designed to allow you to see tons of different scenarios and really interactive instruction. Paul Ellis, posted to poker forum

I have played about 33,000 hands on APT since joining in July. It has been a terrific tool for me as I work to improve my cash game. Thanks for continuing to invest in this amazing practice tool. David L., New York, NY

Wow, Advanced Poker Training is so good -- thanks to Mike Caro, Steamin Steve Stokely (Blay), and Tom Braband, I've won a special tournament, $1000 giveaway, first place at PartyPoker! I have ended my tilt and now I'm more deceptive then before. Advanced Poker Training is the best. All the other sites are not nearly as good. [Steve Blay's training material] increased my sit and go win rate very much. 4 times in a row first place, thanks to you! Simon H., Bremerhaven, Germany

Training plan worked today and it was great... It helped me with a hole in my game... Made me realize that small suited connectors are more likely to be live when facing a raise from early position, rather than middle or late position... Thanks!James M., Santa Fe, NM

APT is highly recommended as a practice tool. I am big believer that the key to improvement is: 1) Study 2) Practice 3) Play. APT is a great way to try out new concepts that you acquire in your book learning, such as the concept of Floating. JazzManiac, posted to poker forum

I think your product is excellent and has greatly improved my game, especially 6max.Miguel V., Long Island, NY

I really love this site and I think you've got a real winner there!Antoine F., Nice, France

I do like the program and over the past couple days play, moving up some in difficulty level I'm getting a feel for how to better deal with opponent aggression as well as seeing that I need to reign in my own aggression when there are a lot of hands that can beat me or have good drawing odds. I already see how weak I am when it comes to making correct decisions based on odds. Now I just need to invest the time to work out all the odds every time a bot puts me to a decision until it becomes almost instinct. This wouldn't even be possible at a live or online game. And the sheer volume of practice APT makes possible in weeks would take years otherwise. Sean W., APT Member

I love your site, the power to cycle through hands so quickly, and analyze them. Keep up the great work.Markus R., Munich, Germany

I think APT helped me recover from a three month downswing. I generally cash 20 to 30% of tournaments. But went 3 months under 5%. An ugly dip in my bankroll. Reviewing stats and playing thousands of hands on APT, I was able to patch a major leak.Diane S., Laredo, TX

I do like your site btw the AI is superb it whips my butt and I can't put it down.Jacob D., Gretna, LA

First off kudos on the site, I can't tell you how impressed I am. After working through some of the settings I was able to get a setup that has gameplay nearly identical to what I see at the casino I play at (medium skill, more aggressive than normal mix). I set it up to Peek at End and was absolutely amazed to see the plays the AI was making. Blind steals, semi-bluffs, c-bets, multiple AIs limping with stuff like Q6s from MP and calling raises pre-flop with it...most everything I see in my live game was there.  Got my first training plan the other day and am working through it now...went through the section on blind play and feel like in one afternoon it helped clean up years of leaky blind play on my part...eye opening stuff. Can't wait to go through the other sections.Jeremiah E., Parker, CO

Must say I love the software for the tournament, never seen anything so good.Michael F., Henderson, NV

Wow! What a site! Thank you!Halford F., Santa Monica, CA

I have to say that your program is better than anything else I have seen out there.  My life sometimes gives me so little time to practice/play poker like I want but the time I spend using your program made me a better poker player.  I will absolutely be a member again in the future when life allows me that time to practice again.  Thanks again, it is a pleasure to deal with a company that is responsive and understanding.  Hope you have a good dayDusty D., Mesa, AZ

Your site is unlike any other and it is an incredible value.Justin W., Norwalk, CA

You have an excellent product and it helped me more than all the video sites.Jim M., Montville, NJ

Just wanted to share with you that I got my biggest online cash to date! I finished 2/2800+ people in a $16.50 ACR $40,000 for $3,370! I had the shortest stack to start the final table, and ended up finishing 2nd! I was a short stack ninja, thanks to the final table trainer and all the other tools you provide! thank you for such a valuable service and much more success and gratitude to you! Alexander Wiggins

Your commitment to your customers/clients is impressive and will serve you well over the long run. West Newman

I really just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your brother for this wonderful training site! I noticed almost immediate results. Your weekly training plan has been perfect because it directs me to work on my specific weaknesses each week, in descending order of severity. When you train on a certain type of hand 50 or 100 times in a row you get more practice on that situation then you would normally have in probably a year. Thank you guys for all of the excellent training!! Jay Masters

I have been a member for less than a month, but I can't help but be impressed! The information that comes from the weekly training plan is absolutely first class. APT makes learning fun. Wow! Trace E.

I really appreciate the APT service. I have been a decent poker player but had gaps in my game. APT has helped improve my skills and close those gaps. When I first entered a tournament I got smoked pretty quickly. I think it was my 7th tournament that I won thanks to the teaching plus playing against the bots which is very enlightening. Thank you, "Palace Malice"

Thx Steve, your site has really rekindled my interest in poker. Paul C.

Just thought I'd let you know that I ran some simulations on your website where I found some adjustments I needed to make in my game. I then took that to my local MTT and came through with a win! (Photo attached). It's only a small tournament with about 30 people but it's my first win in 3 months. Jeff Hallam

This is quickly becoming my fav site!! Absolutely love it! Fantastic work I must say. Rikki M.

Frank Lewis
Frank Lewis, APT Member

In his own words, Frank Lewis is a ‘Professional Poker Player in Training’. While living in Southern California, he has had the opportunity to work for and play poker at the local Native American Casinos. When he is not training to be a professional poker player, he and his wife, Kim, breed Lewis Crest Rottweilers
(www.lewiscrestrottweilers.com) as well as Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Yes, Nigerian Dwarf Goats.
Frank has used Advanced Poker Training and recently had a couple live tournament cashes. Frank was nice enough to let us speak with him and ask a few questions about his poker playing experience, Advanced Poker Training, and the goats (couldn’t resist).
APT: How did you get in the business of breeding Nigerian Dwarf Goats?
Frank: We got the goats to keep our horse company. We used the goat’s milk to feed the puppies and eventually we got a buck and began to breed them.
APT: When did you begin playing poker?
Frank: I was the IT manager then Director of IT at Fantasy Springs Casino. I started playing in 2006 at the 2/4 and 3/6 limit tables. As a beginner, I lost more than I won, then quit for a while and would try again. I just recently began to take it seriously within the past year when I started playing NLHE tournaments. I found Advanced Poker Training through www.testyourpoker.com and then through a magazine and started using the Sit-N-Go and Final Table trainers around January of this year as well as the weekly and Beat the Pro challenges.
APT: I was told you had a couple of recent cashes. Do you mind me asking for how much?
Frank: In my last three tournaments, I have finished in the top 10% in all three of them. On April 26th, I placed second out of 410 players for $11,890 in a $235 + 10 buy in at the Pechanga Casino. It was part of the River Card Cup series and had an $82,000 prize pool.
APT: Was it held over multiple days or just one?
Frank: It was one day. It took about 15 hours. I was my first experience with a tournament that long and I was tired. On the first hand after getting to heads up, I went all in with 6h4h. After thinking for a while my opponent called with A8 off suit. Board ran out blank and Ace high won the pot.
APT: What was the other cash?
Frank: Well I entered a free roll tournament May 2nd with 266 players in it. I finished top 10% (21st), but it wasn’t for any money. This past Saturday May 10th, I finished 8th out of 184 players for a $1500 cash in a $230 + 10 tournament.
APT: Congratulations.
Frank: Thank you.
APT: Do you play online?
Frank: Not yet, but legislation should be passing here soon so we’ll see.
APT: How would you say Advanced Poker Training has helped you as a poker player?
Frank: I think the biggest way it has helped, is it has allowed me to become more comfortable with being aggressive. Before when I was dealt AQ I would either min raise or call. Now I’m ready to 3-bet with it. I’m also now willing to risk my whole stack with AK. Before, I wanted to see a flop then if I didn’t hit, I would be worried about making a continuation bet. I went to one of those WSOP live camps and it was a waste of time and money. The nice thing about Advanced Poker Training is experimenting with different hands. One of the things I found useful while playing the site and experimenting in live tournaments is being aggressive with suited connectors and smaller pocket pairs with deep stacks around 50-100BB.
APT: That’s great to hear you have seen improvement in your game.
Frank: Yes I think so, too. I play with a group of about 16 guys once a month. Since I’ve started using APT I’ve gone from being one of the first knocked out to one of the last. The first one I played I was the first one knocked out. Then 7th and 6th. In February I finished 3rd then 2nd, 1st, and 2nd again this month.
APT: Would you attribute a little of that to Advanced Poker Training?
Frank: I would attribute most of it to Advanced Poker Training. I feel a lot more comfortable with aggression. I’m starting to open my range near money bubbles and breaks or when I’m in position. I know when to get away from bigger hands.
APT: What is your favorite feature?
Frank: The weekly challenge. I haven’t missed one. I like seeing my name on the leaderboard rising higher each week. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and validity of the training I have done.
APT: Thanks for your time, Frank. One more question before you go. What advice would you give to new members on how to make the most out of their training?
Frank: Look at reports and put the time and effort into it. Read through the training tips and help section. You might want to go through the help section multiple times. Utilize as much of the software as possible. Know what you want to get out of it and use the software in order to practice what you want to improve.
Frank Lewis

When I moved on to the Advanced Poker Training site I was amazed. It is filled with so much information, tools, interactive sites etc. it is only a question of me simply dedicating the time and applying myself and my game will improve to the point I aspire. It was time and investment I have no regrets investing to improve an area that was frustrating me. I had tried “another” poker improvement site and there is simply no comparison!Terry D., Mankato, MN

I am a 24 year old lawyer and play 2-5 cash games 1000 dollar buy-in at Parx in Bensalem, pennsylvania. (which is very very competitive). I'll be completely honest, I thought at first, it was complete bullshit that somehow playing against "imaginary" opponents for "imaginary" money couldn't possibly improve my game, but my god when I took it seriously, it changed my game in a way I could not have imagined. Now I am rolled in 10-10 cash games (3000 buy-in at Parx) after I have demonstrated my newfound knowledge and more calculated, strategic approach to the game. I have even referred my dad's friends who are all donkeys to this website and think poker is pure "luck", and bafflingly, they too will be signing up shortly to try to improve their game. Doug Polk charges like 700 dollars for his overrated package, when I paid for 40 dollars a month here. It's a no brainer.Taylor D., Bensalem, PA

Love the site. It's been more helpful than some poker training or coaching sites I've spent thousands on. The site has become extremely valuable to be and I believe a key part of my success in the game. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and allow me the opportunity to share. Looking forward to many more fruitful years on the site.Jack W., East Bend, NC

I became a lifetime member of advancedpokertraining.com on Sept 5. I had been having difficulty with online turbo NHLE MTTs, so I fired up the simulator and, thanks to the feedback I got from it, I found the holes in my game that were preventing me from making money after around 5 or 6 simulated tournaments. The very same day, I kid you not, I won a 167 player $15.00 online NHLE MTT on Ignition for $541.71 using the adjustments I had made based on the simulator feedback. We often hear about something paying for itself, but I have never seen something pay for itself so immediately!! I have no regrets about getting a lifetime membership at all. In fact I am extremely happy to have found this site. I am really impressed by the simulator! This is easily the best environment to sharpen my game in and I am very grateful to everyone involved with this site.Victor B., Sacramento, CA

what is surprising me is how much the bots at your training site are like actual players.Sandy M., Greenwich CT

You have done a super job with the AI aspect of your bots.Carl S., Austin, TX

Back in 2014 when I started, I praised the site & you have my testimony on the board. This last weekend, I met another goal. I made the final table in Event #43, $1500 shoot-out @ the WSOP. Thank you for a great site & the next target is a bracelet.Joe C., Gilbert, AZ

Cashed in the Super Seniors thanks to being able to practice at advanced poker training.David S., Pittsburgh, PA


Hi, love your program, my winning at casino went up to 86% and of course people think I started getting lucky all of the sudden lol. A few good players at my casinos refuse to play with me!John M., Gilbert, AZ

I would also like to say that I have been a member since 2013. I credit APT for giving me the skills and confidence to actually play live tournaments. I have since had two, five figure scores although Hendon Mob only lists one of them. You guys are awesome, keep up the great work you do with the site. Happy New Year!!!Frederick T., Seattle, WA

Great support and I love the site. Already started making money.... keep it up guys you were exactly what I was looking for.Adam H., Schenectady, NY

Since I started using your site in November I played in 5 real poker tournaments and I have final tabled 3 times, once placed first and once second. I have never played in a live tournament before that. Your site took my game to a much higher level fast, Thanks!David B., Irwin, PA

Just wanted to let you know that this site has improved my game 100%. I have already started to see the results with my online play. I play in a local poker league as well. Before I was flying by the seat of my pants. Now I have much more knowledge on my moves and what my opponent might be up to. Thanks!!!Robert G., Yellowknife, Canada

I have now had live cashes over $24K, including 1 WSOP cash & I play just a few times a month. APT is the only consistent training I use, other than reading some. You guys are my heroes!! (and before I forget…and although I know Steve is a Gator…both of my kids graduated from FSU….go Noles!!) CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome coaching effort with Qui and on creating an amazing tool for relatively new poker players like me. I am so thankful that there are geniuses like you 2 in the world. You have literally changed my life, let’s just leave it at that. Your parents and loved ones must be very proud of you. With all the dysfunction in the world, it is tremendously uplifting to know your success story/stories, but even more, to be a direct beneficiary of your boundless talents. Happy Thanksgiving, all the best to you and yours!!Eugene C., Tampa, FL

Thanks for the great work in producing the software. As a developer myself, I appreciate the detail and thought that went into building the software.Hal H., Las Vegas, NV

I spent a lot of time yesterday playing SNG to find my leaks. And i think the Beat the Pro challenges SNG helped me with this. I have then played 2 $10 SNG on Pokerstars, won both. That never happened before that I won 2 in a row. I'm pretty sure AdvancedPokerTraining is the reason of this ...Manu M., Saint-Nicolas, Belgium

You've done a fantastic job with this and it's a great training tool!  The last hand I played in my last world series simulation was interesting. It's hard to believe a virtual opponent could think that deep. But I have to tell you I'm really impressed with the quality of his play. In closing keep up the good work.Ronny S., Santa Monica, CA

Your site is simply the best.Ed S., Bellevue, NE

I'm happily a LIFETIME member now. I think this site is AWESOME, and I talk it up to any one I meet that truly wants to improve their game! It has not only improved my game, but is hands-down the BEST poker site on the internet! Thanks Again!Jeffrey S., Seymour, IN

I repeat, as I have over the years, I love the site. My game has evolved tremendously. Joe Cook

I sing the praises of APT every day to every player! Thank you! Hal F.

First of all you guys are doing great work . I couldn't win money at casino when I joined your firm now I'm the best, I started with level 1 and couldn't beat it – Now I can beat KGB. John M.

My brother-in-law signed up a couple of weeks ago and just had his biggest tournament win ever. He won the Rungood Deep Stack for 10K. I have also had my biggest cash ever since sighing up. Finished 3rd in WSOP Seniors event in Durant OK for 8K. Gary K.

Wow thanks Allen, what you and Steve and the team have built is absolutely amazing and your customer service is just as great as your product! Thanks again and wish you all nothing but continued bigger and better successes! BJ

I've seen great improvement in my game in a short period of time. I recommend the site to everyone. Thank you. R.S.

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for this great site that has accelarated my learning so much. I’ve only been playing competitive poker for five months, and this week at the WSOP I’ve played in my first real tournaments. I cashed by placing 13th in the 600 dollar official ring event. I’m playing in the main event today, and I’m spending my morning on your site to help me out with tricky spots. It’s super helpful that I can run through those spots again and again at high speed on APT. Thank you so much for putting such a great site together. Charles K.

I play some in the Bar Poker Open league...and did qualify for their 250k tournament next June. I have to say I attribute my better play through practice and knowledge gained from Advanced Poker Training. Ed W.

I love love love your site and all that you and your team does to keep it up to date and relevant considering how poker is constantly evolving. Donna Weldon