The Science Behind it

The origin of Advanced Poker Training dates back to 2007 when a fifty hand poker test was developed to attempt to characterize the typical poker player.   That fifty hand test became a database of hundreds of pre-determined hands, and since then nearly 200,000 players have played those hands.  (The test can still be found at the Test Your Poker website.)

The results of this study led to a categorization of skills and weaknesses of the typical poker player, which eventually led to the invention of Dynamic Analysis, a technique for developing computerized poker players that analyze all these skills and weaknesses at once, and over time actually learn and improve against their opponents.   In April of 2012, we were awarded a patent (U.S. Patent #8,152,618), and Advanced Poker Training is the only site having access to this technology.

Initial Results

It was clear that users improve their poker skill over time when using the technology found on APT.  By looking at the historical data for heavy users of the APT software, we can see

  • Their performance at each game level increasing (as determined by chips won/lost against each table)
  • Their statistics moving towards the recommended ranges over time.
  • Their overall luck-adjusted “RealPokerSkill” scores increasing.

We also have the anecdotal evidence – the abundant emails that we receive from members saying their winnings in actual poker games have increased.  But could we actually measure this?

The Research

To assess the performance of our Dynamic Analysis technique scientifically, we enlisted the help of Qualtrics, the world leader in online academic research. In May of 2013, the long-term regular users of our site were asked to share their results before and after APT in several categories. We limited this to those who play online poker, or those that kept written records of their live sessions, so that we could accurately track wins and losses.

The members who replied were separated into two groups – beginners and advanced players. Online advanced players were defined as those who a) Play more than one table at a time, and b) Use software that keeps a database of their statistics, such as Poker Tracker. Advanced live (non-online) players were defined as those cash games players who played at stakes of $2/$5 blinds and above, or tournament buy-ins of $200 or above.

Players were asked to provide a complete record of their deposits, cash-outs, and account balances, for a six month period – three months immediately before joining APT, and three months after joining APT. They were provided with the date on which they first signed up for APT as a paying member. Players in the Advanced group were required to provide information from their database. Live players were asked to provide information from their written records, and to declare that it was accurate to the best of their knowledge.

Note: The participants were not compensated, other than they were informed that they would receive one additional free month of membership for providing this information, regardless of whether the data showed an improvement or not.

In the end, 54 Beginners and 17 Advanced players participated. The results below speak for themselves. If you’re really interested, you can get even more in-depth details about the research here.

Amount won (lost) 3-months prior to Advanced Poker Training; average Amount won 3-months after Advanced Poker Training; average Improvement (average, in dollars) Standard Deviation (of dollars improved)
Beginners (54) ($710) $784 $1,494 $891
Advanced (17) $1,668 $3,211 $1,543 $1,298
Weighted Total ($141) $1,365 $1,506 $988

Interestingly, both the Beginners and Advanced players improved roughly the same amount, in dollar figures. This is because the Beginners had a great potential to improve (from their previous level of play). The Advanced group, although they could not improve their overall game to the same degree, was playing at higher stakes.

How likely is it that the players using actually improved? For both beginners and advanced players, the results of the study statistically indicate that it is 99.99% probable that there was actual improvement!


After 6 years of development and improvements, Advanced Poker Training is simply the fastest way ever invented to improve your poker skills. Traditional training sites only let you watch videos of other people playing poker. APT lets you play up to 500 hands per hour, against opponents that are constantly adjusting and trying to exploit your weaknesses. Couple that with our Advice mode, hand replay and analysis tools, and weekly training progress reports, and you've got a complete poker training system with only one purpose…to prepare YOU to dominate your opponents! So what are you waiting for?