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Click on a video below to learn how to use our Poker Training Game

General Instructional Videos:

  1. Your Member Page
  2. How to Use the Poker Game
  3. How to use the GTO-Style Bots
  4. How to Use the Multi Table Tournament
  5. How to Use your Saved Hands
  6. How to Manage your Saved Sessions
  7. Improve using the Beat the Pro Challenges
  8. 4-Minute Introductory Video to our Affiliate Program
  9. How to Use the Shove-Fold Tool
  10. How to Use the Winning Odds Tool
  11. How to Use the Tournament Chop Tool
  12. How to Use the Combat Trainer
  13. How to Set Up a Private Game

Reports and Training Plan:

  1. General Introduction
  2. Overview Page
  3. Starting Hands Grid
  4. Hands Tabs / Views
  5. Positions
  6. Difficulties
  7. Streets
  8. Skills
  9. Luck
  10. Hand Analysis
  11. Training Plan

Brain Button and "Show Range" Button:

  1. Introduction and Pre-Flop
  2. Post-Flop Analysis
  3. Post-Flop, Continued
  4. "Show Range" Button
  5. "Show Range", Continued