More than a month before the World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table, (APT) was already predicting Qui “TommyGun” Nguyen to be the winner.  In a series of articles published on, we harnessed the power of our patented software to write computerized representations of the remaining nine players, using artificial intelligence and 42 configurable personality traits.  We then played 100 simulations of the final table, and what we found surprised us – Qui Nguyen was winning, much more often than he should have.  Everyone was calling him the amateur, the wild gambler, and yet… he was winning.

We contacted Qui Nguyen’s family, and a deal was made.  Steve Blay, APT’s Director of Operations, would fly to Las Vegas and help Nguyen prepare for the main event.  Steve prepared a special simulation for Nguyen in which he could play the final table out, over and over again, against digital representations of his opponents.  And we continued to run more simulations, making small adjustments to the personalities of each opponent, to determine an optimal strategy.

During the event, Steve and longtime Las Vegas poker pro Young Phan served as Nguyen’ coaches, constantly watching the footage and helping Nguyen adjust his strategy during breaks.  “It became clear to me right away that TommyGun is a stellar poker player”, said Steve.  “He has truly exceptional talent — I found myself mainly supporting him and just making sure he continued to play at the top of his game.  The poker books have all been re-written tonight.”

Qui “TommyGun” Nguyen made it look easy over the three day event.  It is being called the most dominating performance in history at the WSOP final table.   “I want to thank Steve Blay and Advanced Poker Training for their help and support before and during the event,” said Nguyen.

Team TommyGun

Team TommyGun – with Steve Blay, Qui Nguyen, Young Phan, and Mario

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