What's The Nuts Trainer - Frequently Asked Questions

How is my score computed?

Your score is measured by the number of correct answers, multiplied by the accuracy percentage. For example, suppose you played 10 hands, and got 8 of them correct. This would be an accuracy of 80%, so your score would be 8 x 80 = 640. Average time per correct answer does not affect your score.

What actually counts as "The Nuts"?

Any unbeatable hand qualifies as the nuts, not just the best possible hand. Consider this example: Suppose the board cards are

The best possible hand here would be

However, the following combination is also a correct answer, because if you hold that hand, you are guaranteed to win. From a training perspective, it's best to count any unbeatable hand as the nuts.

(or with any other heart)

What are the "Random" and "Progressive" options?

In Random mode, each hand will be dealt either on the flop, turn, or river (3, 4, or 5 board cards), at random. In Progressive mode, the first hand starts with only 3 flop cards. After you submit your answer, the turn card is dealt and you have to answer again. Finally the river card is dealt and you have to answer a third time. Then, the process repeats itself with brand new flop cards.

What does "Auto-Submit Answer" do?

When Auto-Submit Answer is on, you do not need to press the Submit button after picking your two cards. This speeds up game play, but may also lead to a wrong answer being submitted before you have time to double-check it.

What is "Eliminate Quads" mode and why do you have it?

If you've played the game already, you may have noticed that any time there is a pair on the board, the answer is almost always quads (four-of-a-kind). When Eliminate Quads mode is enabled, this simply means that quads will not be accepted as the correct answer, and you will need to find the next highest ranking hand. Since quads appear less frequently in actual poker, and finding the best full house is often trickier, this mode is preferred by many users.

Shouldn't there be an option to find the "2nd Nuts" and "3rd Nuts"?

Determining the 2nd and 3rd nut hands leads to many debatable situations, therefore we chose to include the Eliminate Quads mode as a better substitute. What is the 2nd nut hand? Is it the second best hand possible? Or, is it the best hand possible (using the remaining cards) assuming someone else holds the absolute nuts. Take for example the board cards

Perhaps is the "2nd Nuts", but of course it is also the nuts, because if you hold it, no one can have , and you are guaranteed to win.

Or consider the board as we did in an earlier question. Some people would say is the 2nd nuts.

However, since with any other heart is the nuts, it might be more correct to say is the 2nd nuts.