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Custom Game Setup

Welcome! Using this form, you can request a custom, password protected poker game for you and your friends. Please note the following official rules:

  1. We are providing this as a service to the poker playing community and we do not monitor these games.
  2. We will not resolve disputes between players, investigate abusive language in the chat window, or eject players from games for any reason.
  3. You must have a paid membership to create private games. (Everyone can play in your private games though)

Fill out the form below and your game will be available immediately!


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Type of Game

A Sit-N-Go is a one table tournament. It starts automatically whenever the table is full. It can also be started by the table owner (you) with less than a full table.

Some default options for cash games are set below. You’re welcome to change them to your liking, however, keep in mind that players only get 10,000 chips per day on our server.

A straddle is an optional bet, double the size of the big blind, placed by the under-the-gun player. It is allowed in many cardrooms. (Currently, this is the only kind of straddle bet we support.)

When a player sits out, this is how many minutes until they are removed from the table automatically.

How long each player has to act when it’s their turn. If they don’t act, their Time Bank will be used.

A extra number of seconds that can be used when facing a tough decision. Resets every 50 hands. Once it runs out, their hand is folded.

Game Type

Seats at table (maximum of 10):

Note: if you choose 10 seats, you will not be able to watch a replay of this tournament in our replayer, which currently only supports 9 seats.

Minimum seated players required to start game:

The cash game will not start until this many players have sat down and brought chips to the table

Game Name:

Enter a name in the box below, that will help your friends find the game in the lobby window. For example, "Bob Smith Thursday MTT" or "Jacksonville poker league". Hint: To modify a game you previously created, enter the exact same game name here, and it will overwrite your previous settings.


Players will need the password you enter below to access your private game. Hint: Unlike your bank account password, you should probably choose an easy to remember password that can be easily shared with your friends. Password is case-sensitive.