Rules For Cash Games

A cash game (also called a ring game) is a game in which your chips are equivalent to cash money. Unlike a tournament, in which you buy in for a set amount of chips and play until you lose all of those chips (or win a set amount based upon your rank in the tournament), in a cash game you can walk away at any point and cash your chips back in for money.

Rules of Both Cash Games and Tournaments:

While there are distinct elements of cash, several rules overlap with tournament rules (See our Tournament Rules page for a complete list of these and other rules specific to tournaments)

Rules Specific to Cash Games:

Cash Games Variations:

There are three different types of cash games played at casinos: Limit, Pot Limit, and No-Limit:

No Limit is currently the most popular form of Texas Hold'em being played at casinos. However, you will often find a couple of tables of Limit players if the cardroom is large enough. Pot limit is extremely rare in Hold'em, but is the most popular form of Omaha being played today.