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No Bull

Steve's No-Bull Poker Course

Steve Blay received 100s of emails asking for a poker course for the "rest of us". This course is for all those who are tired of courses with 100s of charts to memorize. Courses with useless terminology intended to make the author appear smart.

NO-BULL, no jargon, and no irrelevant math.

30 videos, 30 days. Immediate practical takeaways to improve your game.

Every important concept you need to know to excel at NL Hold'em.

Each video is only around 10 minutes long, but many reference ways to train and practice your new skills utilizing features on APT. For this reason, Steve recommends you watch only one video per day, taking 30 days to sharpen your skills.


  • THIRTY videos from Advanced Poker Training's founder Steve Blay.
  • Over FIVE hours of videos divided into five difficulty levels.
  • ZERO minutes of useless garbage added to fill time in some poker courses out there!

BONUS: Course includes a free one-month all-access pass to Advanced Poker Training!

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1. Targeting the basics

Hands That Are Not as Good as They Look
How Vulnerable is Your Made Hand?
How to Exploit Tight Players
How to Exploit an Over-Aggressive Opponent
Position, Pot Control, and Stack-to-Pot Ratios
How to Train Effectively to be a Better Poker Player

2. Taking Every Advantage

My c-bet got called – now what do I do?
Don't Slowplay...but here’s when you can
Basic guidelines to pre-flop 3-betting
Draws to check-raise vs. those to check-call
Draws you should fold
When NOT to c-bet

3. Advanced Strategy

Donk bets – not just for donkeys any more
Playing Draws In Position
Tournament chop like a boss
Embrace your inner bully!
Avoid getting exploited on the river
Draws and Bet Size Considerations

4. How the Pros do it

Bet Sizing Crash Course
Free Money, The Squeeze Play
Are you sure you should buy back in?
Defending Against Bluffers
How often should I bluff?
Draws in Tournaments

5. Championship Level Tactics

Exploiting a Scary Board
ICM Crash course
Bluffing, In Practice
Backdoor Draws
River Overbets
Triple-Barrel Bluffs