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Weekly Training

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It is said you need to play at least 100 hands in order to get a lesson plan. Do those hands have to be in a live tournament or can they be from the weekly challenge and/or training lessons.


  • AllenBlay

    Weekly challenges are short sessions just for fun and do not have enough hands to get a report from, but you can get session reports for any session with 100+ hands except the live tournaments - those are not analyzed and are for practice.

    We have several different types of reports, but a lesson plan after a session is not one of them. We provide session reports that provide statistics about your session and a listing of flagged hands. There are also custom reports that you can create. Finally, you get a weekly training plan each Saturday night/Sunday morning that analyzes the results of your play for the past week and gives you a training plan to work on.

    For more information about all these features, I would recommend viewing our video instructions for using the site:


  • selfbrandons

    I just played a daily casino tournament on here and finished 2nd out of 200 players. My question is I done good and done what the advisors suggested but when I got my training plan it said I needed to practice 3 things preflop raises, early stage play, and middle position raises. If I did what the advisor suggested then why is it saying i did these things wrong and need to practice?

  • AllenBlay
    Different advisors are meant to mimic different styles and they aren't programmed to play perfectly. If you want advice that fits your game, don't follow what the advisors say - just do what you would have done. There are a whole bunch of other threads that discuss the advisors and how best to use them. I'd recommend looking around or use the search box to search for advisors to see more about this topic.

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