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Repeating scenario training?

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Maybe I do not know how to set it up, but is there a way to set up repeating scenarios? for example, playing the small blind over and over without moving the button around. I would like to practice each particular spot many times in a row so I can get it ingrained in my head, so it becomes second nature when at the live table.


  • AllenBlay

    Yes, definitely. I agree that is important.

    When you first start the game (assuming 9 or 6 max cash game), you will see options on the initial setup screen where you can select the hand type and the position. This gives you the flexibility to choose whatever you want to hold constant.

    For an MTT or SNG, the option isn't on the initial screen, but is in the game options which you can access in the top left corner of the game as soon as you start. For the MTT, make sure you check the practice mode button.

    Here is a video that explains more about the game options:

    We also have instructional videos that outline many other features of the site. At this point there are so many features that I find that most of our members didn't even know half of them existed.

  • YYCchopper

    Perfect! thanks a lot

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