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should i have folded my AA?

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Villain had called my 3bet pre flop & on a dry board he made a big re-raise. The only hand I could put him on was QQQ.


  • johnmarj

    Please review.


  • cptnmrgn
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    It's an interesting spot. Did you have any kind of read on the players? Especially the guy who flatted your 3-bet?

    3-betting as big as you did an UTG raiser looks like a big hand. If he was a bad player I could see him flatting with KK, QQ, AQs, AK, AKs, maybe even KQs or QJs, Q-10 if they're really really bad.. A lot of good players will flat you there with KK, & QQ, maybe AKs, JJ & 10-10 but IMO that would be a close one to set mine there with JJ or 10-10 having action behind yet.

    What range did you think he flatted you with pre-flop when you decided to lead? Do you think this guy is more likely to raise you here with QQQ to get it in, or call your flop bet to trap bluffs with AK, big pairs like KK & AA?

    If you thought he likely had KK & QQ in his likely range perhaps check-calling flop to see what develops on the turn would have been a better line. Your extracting value from KK, AQ, & KQ. If he bets big on turn I think you would have had to call again. If he shoves the river you have to puke & make a decision.

    My thoughts:
    - I think your 3 bet was a little big allowing the pot to get bloated early in the hand vs deep stacks. Your flop bet was also on the big side with deep stacks. I think against a bad player you have to call off because they have a lot of queens in their range & its a huge pot.

    • I think a bad player raises flop with KK, AQ & KQ more than QQQ which I would think they'd be wanting to trap with. Against a good player I think it's 50/50 KK or QQ & depending on what the good player thinks of you sways whether or not their trying to get max value with QQQ against KK or AA; or trying to protect with KK or stone bluffing a missed AKs hand...

    In a tournament you always also have to ask yourself if I can fold here & still win the tournament...? Bottom line, I think you should have checked the flop & called a $15 - $20k bet. I think you have to try to get to showdown with your 1-pair hand.

    Curious to hear what others think as well.

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