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"Parking lot hand"


Been having difficulty with Ace Queen, suited, unsuited, any position.
Limp, raise, fold, run. Any strategies that anyone successfully utilizes?


  • monkeysystem

    AQ is a premium starting hand but should be played with care because it's crushed by AK and AA. It's not a great hand in a multiway pot. Be ready to send these cards to the muck if you get heavy action by someone who is not normally loose and aggressive. I've won some big pots with AQ... and lost some.

    This weekend AQ was my hand that sent me to the parking garage both Friday and Saturday night in the MSPT Milwaukee Regional event, though the Friday night loss was a bad beat.

    Important safety tip: Whatever you do, don't call off with AQ when a short stack shoves and a big stack shoves over the top to isolate. :s

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