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Are there tough and weak players in the medium level?


Do the difficulty levels have bots of various skill levels?

I practice quite a bit of tournaments at the medium level and have noticed that there are a few players who are tough to play against. They three-bet, use solid ranges, etc. There are a few others who are weak and limp constantly, play face up, etc.

Or am I just seeing things?

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  • pgearan
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    No, you are not seeing things. As you move up levels the ratio of stronger bots increases. So at lower levels you'll have few, if any, strong bots (mirroring weaker real life games) and the medium level will be more of a mix, as you observed, and the highest levels will be mostly stronger bots. We do try to reflect what the player strength ratios look like at the various levels of real play. When I practice tournaments it sounds like I have similar settings, medium strength/daily casino tournaments and my experience is similar to yours - more opponents playing speculative hands or draws on flop more aggressively, almost always open raising, but other players trying to limp into pots and generally more passive. I find this fairly similar to the live tournaments I play where buy-ins are in the $100-$250 range.

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