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Constructing a Checking Range

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You should have a check-back range in position for almost every flop. To maintain balance, part of your checking range should include some nutty hands.

As originally played, I continuation bet this flopped nut straight. V folded.

On replays I was able to extract additional chips by checking back the flop and turn.

The high cards on the turn and river were less scary because of my blockers to bigger straights.

This flop hit a BB flatting range pretty well, making a continuation bet on the flop seem like a good value bet.

Do you guys put nut straights in you checking range, even though it looks like a good value bet?

Replay with flop and turn checked back


  • nytider

    I like to check back SOME of those types of hands. I especially like doing it if I know my opponent likes to probe the turn after I check back. Not only does this potentially pull more chips out of them than I would get when they fold to my C-bet, but it also protects my check-back range, allowing me to check a bit more often when I miss.

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