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Advice Button


I'm trying to play a more disciplined style and sticking with the hand chart I found of this site. I think I've been playing too many junk hands and it's a leak I'm trying to fix. This means generally folding hands like KJ UTG. So I look at my starting hands and determine my action. I then check the advice button. And very often the advise is "I would call, but I wouldn't raise". And many or most times I agree with the advice and that's what I do. But what I don't understand is getting that advice when I'm first to enter the pot. I've always been told to raise in that situation, at least most of the time. So why does my adviser suggest limping rather than raising?

It's also funny, I just got this weeks training report and it says I'm limping too much. BTW, in almost every case when I'm first to enter a pot (probably 90%) it is for a raise, so I ignore my adviser. So I'm not sure how I'm limping too much. Most of the pots I limp in are multi-way pots and that the advice I'm being given. So should I just ignore the advice or am I missing something. Can I change my advisor? If so how do I do that? Thanks


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