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Why do advisors say to Fold?


Hi, I have a question/hand in the specific hands section with the discussion title "Why do advisors say to Fold?" and I'm hoping APT creators can answer it. APT equity calculator says I have enough equity to call the river bet but all the advisors say not to. Can you please explain why this is? Thanks, love your site!


  • AllenBlay

    Hi Vic,
    Posting in the specific hands section to get feedback from other members is the best way to do this. On a more general basis, the advice isn't meant to be a "definite best", it's just supposed to be one way some of your opponents in real games, particularly live ones, will play. The computers make their decisions based on a huge number of factors and it usually is difficult to figure out exactly why they did what they did in some situation. It could have been related to the situation, or it could have had to do with the way the previous hands had been going. It's very tough to tell what read the advisor had on the opponent. Sometimes, even though equity says to call, the play of the game or the nature of the opponent makes the equity calculation as stated off a little. Other times, the advisors may be overreacting to something and you should go with the equity calculation shown.

    Basically, it's very difficult to ever figure out why the advisors do something different from what you think, and this is why I typically tell everyone to use the advisors as something to look at when you really have no idea what to do, not when you feel good about what you are doing.


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