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How does the program record stats?

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I just signed up and I cannot find this answer after poking around for some time now. Forgive me if its a newb question but I am a newb

I definitely want to improve my game over time and I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of this software

I make a decision to fold and my "coach" pops up and says "you should call here"

So I accept advice and "call"

Did my stat record an error for folding in an incorrect area or record proper play for calling?

Thanks in advance for answer(s)


  • AllenBlay

    Hi, and welcome to APT,
    The stats and training plans are calculated using the saved hand histories. So it is based off of whatever you ended up doing - in this case calling. I would recommend NEVER taking the advice of the advisors. Go with the play you would have made and you will get a more accurate report. The other reason I say that is because the advice should be viewed as a "possible line", not a "perfect line". The advisors are designed to give the play they would have made. Given that they are designed to play like humans with a specific style, the play they suggest may not always be the best play. It is designed more for you to think about (and dig into the Brain button info) than to be something you should take as "definitely do this".

    I hope that helps.


  • juancarlosj


    Thanks so much!

  • visualjcv

    @juancarlos - Great question. I've been wondering that myself. Also to second what AllanBlay stated, I used the coach advice for a while, but I've stopped using it as much as I get much farther and have much better RealIQ scores. I use the coach now more to analyze specific situations.

    Also, I like the two deep thinking coaches playing style the best. I tend to use the tight deep thinker during early stages, then the loose deep thinker a middle and late stages. I came up with that based on my training plan always telling me I was to tight in middle/bubble/money/final table stages.

    Also, going back and reviewing hands with different coaches has helped me.

    Anyway - good luck!

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