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Session Notes


Is there a way to make session notes at the end of a session?

The reason I ask is I am in a 9-max cash game in the simulator and I'm printing money by stealing blinds from the two players to my left. I would like to note things like this at the end of a session. In this case when my weekly training plan comes up on Sunday and tells me I steal too many blinds, I can review my notes and know that the statistics were skewed by exploitative play. One can probably come up with other uses for session notes.

In this particular case, will the weekly training plan tell me I've been stealing too many blinds even though the opponents were folding too much?

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  • AllenBlay
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    This has come up a number of times over the years and it isn't something we've ever decided was important enough to put into the game. It would add a whole extra layer of complexity to the database and the interface and would be very difficult to design. We added the ability to tag hands because that was easier and in the general consensus of people we talked to more important from a standpoint of learning to play better poker. I think the key is that you aren't trying to learn to beat these specific opponents. You are trying to get better at learning and recalling game patterns, etc. The large majority of our users play live poker - there's no way to make notes at a live poker session. So we've always figured it was more important for our members to learn to remember general patterns within a session instead of taking notes.

    As far as the stealing blinds too much, the opponents (if you are playing at the higher levels of the game) will catch onto you and won't allow you to continue to do it long-term. So I'd argue that even if you are able to do this for a few sessions profitably, if you are stealing the blinds too much most opponents will pick up on this and will adjust their games. Again, the goal is to beat opponents in general, not just these specific bots. So if you are stealing the blinds more than you can get away with in a typical poker game, I think it's appropriate for that to be flagged in the training plan.


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