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How do I practice "real world" situations


I play $1/$3 or $2/$5 live cash games at the casino. I don't know how to practice here that allows me to have a realistic game feel.

Quite often I end up at a table that is 5 limpers and when I raise 3x, 4x, even 5x I still get several callers. There doesn't seem to be a raise amount that will fold some limpers and get only a couple callers. Once you get one 25$ caller at the 2$ table or on 35$ caller at the 5$ table, everyone feels like they are priced in. What is the best way to set up the training for that type of table? The advisers, even the loser ones, still advise for such tight ranges that I feel like I will be exploited for being the "nit" at the table and I feel like if I disagree with everything they advise, then what am i really learning.

I would love any advice others have to offer.


  • monkeysystem

    Try experimenting with the starting stack amounts. I found that the games have a more realistic low stakes feel if I play 1/2 NLHE with starting stacks of 100. This simulates what happens in live games where you have straddles, or people leading off with 5x bb. Straddles and 5x bb have the net effect of lower SPR, so you can get the same effect with 50bb starting stacks.

  • AllenBlay

    I agree with this, experimenting with stack amounts is a good to get the feel. Also, experiment with game levels.

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