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What wouod you do?


On the bubble here, delt pocket 4s: should I have gone all in pre-flop? I think the reraise after floping a boat was the correct call, right? Thanks in advance.

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  • cashgamejamesc
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    i would have shoved pre to get my money in thin but ahead hopefully against a non suited connector. but ofcourse the reraise is correct on the flop. he isn' going anywhere regardless of when you shoved because you only had an extra 200 behind. both of you guys were committed. it was a cooler from the start and you just got sucked out on, on the river.

  • mrfleming
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    I'm pretty sure I would have played this as you did.This is the hand to go broke on.

    No matter how conservative I may have been feeling, I would never have put Antonio on K5o OOP. And pocket fours, against five players, has only a 17% winning average at showdown. I hope I would have clicked the Tourney Info button to see where I stood among the 14 remaining players. The higher up the ranks, the more conservative I'd have been. None the less, post flop, I would have got it all in.

    I think cashgamejames is correct in shoving preflop, but I just don't have that kind of nerve on the bubble.

  • moisogeniom
    edited June 2019 Answer ✓

    I would have gone all in preflop. I think your all in makes those guys with hands like K5 off suit to fold, and therefore you avoid those coolers.


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