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Need Your Insight


Playing a live $600 MTT. 219 entries, top 23 get paid, 109 left. Blinds are 500/1000/ 1000 big blind ante. I’m in the big blind. I’ve put in my 2,000 and have14,400 behind. UTG raises to 2,500. UTG just took down a big pot in the previous hand and now has about 60,000 behind. Folds around to small blind who completes the 2,500 UTG raise. I’m not overly concerned with the small blind, he isn’t a super strong player and has about the same amount of chips as me. I look down at 9h9d.... I don’t pause for long and shove. UTG snap calls and small blind folds. UTG shows AK and hits his A on the flop. I don’t improve and bust. Should I have folded preflop? Maybe call and check the flop? I think I already know but want to hear from the community please.


  • mostlegm

    I prefer shove. We are stronger than UTG's range, and he may fold a lot of hands that having much equity against us.

  • kjstudentk

    Standard shove with 14bb's. Right play, tough result. An interesting question for you to consider is; With 14bb's what's the BOTTOM of the GTO 3b shove range?

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