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Did I make a huge mistake?


Playing a live $600 MTT. 219 entries, top 23 get paid, 109 left. Blinds are 500/1000/ 1000 big blind ante. I’m in the big blind. I’ve put in my 2,000 and have14,400 behind. UTG raises to 2,500. UTG just took down a big pot in the previous hand and now has about 60,000 behind. Folds around to small blind who completes the 2,500 UTG raise. I’m not overly concerned with the small blind, he isn’t a super strong player and has about the same amount of chips as me. I look down at 9h9d.... I don’t pause for long and shove. UTG snap calls and small blind folds. UTG shows AK and hits his A on the flop. I don’t improve and bust. Should I have folded preflop? Maybe call and check the flop? I think I already know but want to hear from the community please.


  • cashgamejamesc
    edited April 2019

    that was absolutely the right move. at worst you were a 52% favorite (depending on if he was suited and you had 1 of his suits) and you got the sb
    out of the hand. and a less than shove 3 bet wouldn't have made sense since you'd be committed.

    sure, you could have flatted here too. that wouldn't have been a bad move either. you could have saw the flop and decided to fold to any overs (especially an ace)

    but you got your money in good and you got out flopped. you made the right decision

    just last night i was in a $450 multi flight, and i got eliminated opening with QQ (i had 90k, blinds 600/1200/1200, it was 100k starting stack, deepest stack at the table was about 350k). i got 3 bet by a guy that barely covered me and of course i snapped. he had AK and flopped an ace. Yes QQ is better than 99, but would you ever wonder if my move was a bad shove? no. because when you shove at that situation you are hoping you're up against a hand like Ax, and not a better over pair.

    thanks for sharing!

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