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Skimmer edited April 2019 in APT Questions

Which tournament selection would most resemble an Run Good series main event, HPT main event, Mid-states poker tourney main event?

I assume it's not the Law Vegas $10,000, and I also assume it's not the daily casino tournament.

I look forward to the response. Thank you for your help.


  • pgearan

    What I would do is select Daily Casino Tournament but then configure the Basic options manually to best reflect those tours. So for example, for an HPT Main event (I'm using the one upcoming in Columbus) I might do these settings:

    Number of Players: 500
    Minutes Per Level: 40
    Starting Stack: 30,000
    Skill: Hard or Hardest
    Buy-in: $1455
    Entry Fee: $195

    Make sure Use Big Blind Ante is checked off also.

    If you have specific events you're looking at, look up their structure (and maybe past results for number of player estimates) and model your settings after that. The default blind levels start at 25-50 for Daily so that will be a bit off as it is more likely to be something like 100-100 for these tours. You could select WSOP Main Event which starts at 75-150 and then change the settings as above also.


  • FastDaveF

    Thank you; very helpful.

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