Limping vs Raising pairs and medium suited connectors from early seat in tournament


The bots are always telling me to limp hands like 98s, 99, 77, … in early position when playing MTTs. I prefer to always raise first in. How do others feel?


  • nytider
    Power Poster

    As a general rule, I will limp behind with small pairs, and sometimes with medium suited connectors, but I won’t open limp. I’d prefer to either raise or fold if I will be opening the pot. Limping those hands opens me up to being raised out of the pot pre-flop. And it encourages callers to make the pot very multi-way. I am then almost always behind, unless I get lucky and crush the flop. Raising gives me a chance to win the pot pre-flop. It also gives me options for bluffing post-flop if I miss.

  • GambleWithUG

    Like you, I prefer to always raise first in. I have been trying to limp as advised, but its like burning chips. As soon as I start raising, my win rate goes way up.

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