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2 hands that killed me...


So this is a 2-for-1 of recent hands that got me out of so many tournaments.
Background to the tournament is a little complex so won't get into it, players are mostly loose passive, and the table has 11 players.
The players typically only pre-flop raise with AK+ and top pairs.

1st Hand - Am on the button with AJs . blinds are 100-200, am sitting on about 4500 chips, shortest stacks are about 2000 chips but villain in cutoff has about 12000. Limp fest happens with every player calling the BB. I bet 2200 and only large stack villain calls. flop comes 4-6-9 rainbow. villain checks I go all-in, he hesitates, calls and shows 22. river and turn come out 4-5 and I'm out.
I know I played badly but would be interested in understanding what would have been the optimal play.

2nd Hand - Am UTG with AA. blinds are 50-100, stacks are balanced at about 4000 a piece. I raise to 400, UTG+1 and UTG+2 call. flop comes out 10-10-7 clubs flush draw (i have Ac). I bet 700, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 raises to 1500. Yours truly ridiculously shoves and villain calmly calls and shows 7-7. turn and river are K-K. bye bye stack... I'm pretty sure I screwed up on the bet sizing as well but would love your thoughts!

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