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Is Phil's Garage supposed to be the same level as the $1-$3 game at the local casino?


I was a Doyle's Room and the Fulltilt microstakes player up until Black Friday, then stopped playing poker out of disgust. Recently a Casino opened near my home and I've started playing again(with minimal success). Basically I ask because I can go hours at the casino without being reraised preflop, or if opening for less than $20 there will be 5,6,7 callers. Then there's weird bets out of position for like $10 into $75 pots. ETC, etc, etc. Does anyone else have similar experiences?


  • nytider

    I don't play a lot of cash games, mostly tournaments. But when I have, it has been a real mixed bag. I played a $1/$2 game a few weeks ago that was really wide open. There was a lot of big opens, three and four bet situations pre-flop. Then I went back the next day and couldn't get action on a $7 bet half the time.

  • think

    Likewise, in my experience. I haven't seen any "Phil's Garage"-level play, but I've been to the same 1-2 table on a Saturday night and had every tactic work (it felt like half the table had never seen a c-bet before) and then returned to the same table Sunday or Monday afternoon to play against a bunch of nit-regs who won't pay off anything. I mean, it's a casino, and some people honestly go there to have fun and lose money (or with the expectation that they're going to lose money). I just wish more of them would leave the slot machines behind for a little while and hit the poker tables!

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