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How you review your session


Hey !,

I was wondering how you guy are reviewing your session. Are you only using apt weekly session report or you use other tool that can help you to know if you made a good or a bad decision.



  • feduo82f
    Marking hands during a session that seemed to confuse me, then looking at the big winners and losers to see if there are any red flags.

    Also hands that involve whatever I’m working on, like am I working on exploiting overfolders if so have I been aggressive enough etc.
  • feduo82f
    Then also I run the 5 mistake rule. Keep a doc open and if I hit 5 obvious mistakes I stop playing.

    After the session rate it by focus, Game standard (a game c game etc) and look through my mistakes. This also helps me in quantifying my most common leaks etc.
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