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Should we always control our emotions?


This video popped on my Youtube home page:

It shows a few well established players blowing out their steam, and it got me thinking. Should we always keep our emotions in check, especially after big losses and bad beats, or should we just let it all out?


  • rainmaker314

    Yes, you should always control your emotions! If you were working at your job and something didn't go your way, would you start screaming and throwing things? If you are driving in your car and someone cuts you off or is driving to fast/to slow, do you chase them down and scream at them? This is hard and is a constant work in progress. I have worked on it over the past year. I took Elliott Roe's course and it really helped. I do have my moments still, not anywhere near to what I had before, especially online. The best piece of advise I got and I will pass on. Treat each hand like a puzzle. the last hand is over, the last 100 hands are over. Worry about the 1 in front of you and play it the best you can. Tilt takes energy away from you and you cannot play your A Game with the hand in front of you if your mind is focused on the last hand.

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