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Recommendations for Advisor?


I'm using Kyle as advisor and haven't tried anyone else, but while I find his advice pretty solid generally, often if I have a good hand but up against a raise on the flop he advises me to re-raise ridiculous amounts even though I have a feeling my opponent made the hand that I think I did. And the result is normally me losing a huge amount. In fact my biggest losses have been with listening to his advice.

Any recommendations for an advisor for me? There are so many I don't know who to choose but I know I like a tighter rather than looser game. Thanks.


  • rainmaker314

    I use Alex Fitzgerald. I have learned a lot from him in the webinars and his products. As an adviser it is not always 100% but it is close to the way he teaches. If you have never heard of him check him out on you tube Assassinato, he has a ton of free content.

  • hasenh

    That sounds like good advice, I actually just finished watching one of his past webinars here.

  • mgibbs919m
    Alex Fitzgerald to me is really great player but u have to be careful as their job is to advice you so you put into account what type of player you are or what type of player you want to be if you want to be really good at pre flop i for sure go with him it all depends how you play dont look for an advisor that can guarantee you the win because its not going to happen i have ignored sometimes my advisor and have had won really great hands. Just go with your gut have a solid range on pre flop and you sometimes wont even have to listen to the advisor.
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