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Raising range


Hi all!
I was wondering if those of you who understand how to raise properly on the flop can help me.
I really struggle constructing raising ranges, taking stack sizes into account and proper value to bluff ratios.
I am playing a short stack, 100, at 1/2.
I raised in LP to isolate limpers, got called by one player who has position on me ( bad event for me) , and one limper.
Flop was QdJs8s . Limper leads into me-
So then how do I construct my raising range- if I raise I will basically be all in and my opponent will get 2-1 .
I believe that means I need to have 2 value hands for 1 bluff, unless I misunderstand something.
Which hands would I put in that range?
Supposing I raise with *15% range preflop. I can have 109s, qq, jj, 88 for nutted combos.
Overall i have 55+, ak, aq, kq, aj, most suited BWs,and various suited connectors and axs in my range.

How would you guys play this?

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