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Spin and Go / Jackpot SNG 3-handed Filter?

edited January 2019 in APT Questions

hey guys,
how best to practice especially for the Spin and Go formats?
would it be possible to add this filter?
I can limit the players to 3, but then it stays fixed and I have to do the HU part seperate..
maybe you can implement that if more people recommend?

kind regarts,


  • AllenBlay

    Hi Chris,
    Spin and Go is one of the things on our list for an added feature. I'm not entirely sure when we will add it because it is a smaller market (and we have found that most add on features like this get used for about a week after we launch them and then are practically unused). However, we find this game to be fun and think it would be an interesting addition, so it is on our list.


  • helanderh

    Is spin and go still coming?

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