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KK cracked


1/2 NL cash game. Get KK in the SB. 7 players limp in. I raise to $20, everybody else folds except for one MP player. Flops comes with no J 8 2 rainbow. I bet $26, the villain calls. The turn card is a T. I check, he checks. The river card is a dud. He bets $32. I call. He turns over Tc2c for 2 pairs. Total loss here: $80 (40% of my stack). Comments?


  • catluvc
    Sounds like he plays quality cards , 102. LOL
    Gotta adjust playing such donks, being aware they play that. Get them when they dont catch that 2 pr
  • dhirigoyd

    Yep, that's 1/2 for you...

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