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Straight draw on the flop


1/2 NL live game. My stack $120. Get KhQh on the button. All fold to the hijack who raises to $13. CO calls, I call, BB calls. Flop comes J 10 2 high with rainbow, giving me an open ended straight draw. BB bets $20. Everyone folds to me. Any suggestion as to what the best play is here?


  • feduo82f
    The spr is around 2.3.

    I think we raise and attack the dead money pre.

    AP you block a lot of bluffs so villain is weighted towards a pair, it’s a weak bet though and vs small donks 2B’s often work.

    I think given the SPR a 2b is good, possibly a shove due to the awkward stack sizes.

    Calling is +ev though, 3.5-1 on the call.
  • dhirigoyd

    Good time to shove or not?

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