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Time to chase that flush draw?


1/2 NL live game. Get Ac4c in the small blind. 3 limpers, I complete the blind and the BB checks. $10 in the pot (minus the rake). Flop comes with 2 clubs, including the Kc which is the highest card. UTG+1 checks, MP player bets $13, gets 1 caller. I call too. UTG+1 (loose aggressive player) raises to $40. Gets one caller. Pot is now $129. I'm the last to speak. I just have to put an extra $27 for a $129 pot (odds are 4.75 to 1, which definitely cover the turn card draw). Is that an automatic call? Should I do something else (like shove)? Note that my stack is barely more than the size of the pot at that point.

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