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Pocket QQ cracked


1/2 NL live game. I get pocket QQ in UTG+1. UTG limps in. I raise to $7 (I know it's a small raise but raising $10+ at that table probably won't make them fold anyway, they're here for the $1,000 high hand). I get 4 callers. Flop comes 4 3 9 rainbow. I'm sure one of these guys will be happy to bet so I'll be happy to oblige them. UTG checks, I check. Next guy bets $13. Only 1 guy calls before the action comes back to me. I re-raise to $55 (too much, too little? Commets appreciated). Both guys calls. One of them only $36 left in his stack, which I assume makes him pot committed. The turn card is a low card but nothing threatening. I move all in, the short stack calls and the other guy folds. River card is a dud. I turn my QQ over and the guy shows me pocket 33 for a set of 3.
Could I have played this better? By the way, the other guy that folded on my turn shove later told me he had J 9, so he had to call my flop raise (wtf...)

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