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Flop and Turn Advices

edited January 2019 in Specific Hand Questions

I decided to go for a check/raise on the flop. After my check, the flop advice was call.

Also on the turn most advisors recommended checking instead of betting.

I don't get why I should check-call the flop or check the turn after check-raising the flop.


  • highfive
    I like the Bb call against a button open range. I like the check raise. There are many bad cards to come possibly as in everything above an 8 except J.
    As we saw you can get value from overcards and draws. Villain had both.) Barreling away is good. If villain had an over pair, you would find out after your c/r.
    All is much better now that we know villain will call down with A high.
    ( gone to sulk bc APT bots dont pay me with A high((

    Well played.
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