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Should i call preflop

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The hand analyzer says i should fold this hand. i do not get the logic behind it. my theory is simple. i have KJ suited and late position over almost all players. in a cash game is it call or not?


  • highfive
    edited December 2018
    It appears as if you are playing KGB. This is a very tight game. When a KGB player opens UTG, hero is behind 90% of openers' range. Even if the opener is opening A5s, you are behind. Hint: they limp A5s and small pairs. So the KJs is a tight fold. I would have likely mistakenly called.

    Then they break out the megaphone and scream Super Strong by 3 betting an utg opener and a caller. The utg opener calls and now your KJs is a snap fold.

    In your question, you mentioned your cards and your position. It's about relative strength not absolute strength. Think about what the other players have too. ( and their position and actions)
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