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Pre-flop game improvement


I have been playing poker for about 20 years. I am a serious recreational player, but have never attempted to play professionally. I have had mediocre success in tournaments ($50-$300 buy-ins, too many min. to mid level cashes), and have had some pretty good cash game scores in both Holdem and Omaha, mostly 1/3 and 2/5. I'm really just beginning to get into GTO though, I've always just played my own "selectively loose" aggressive style. I've been playing alot of training sims on APT, and I've noticed a trend in my results. I am almost always in the 40-50% range of player IQ percentile pre-flop. I'm around 60% on the flop, and 90-95% on the turn and river. It kinda makes sense, because I do tend to take a lot of flops in position, but if I see a hand all the way to showdown, I usually either have it, or I am running a big bluff. I don't just call off with many mediocre hands or draws, unless I have a good read on someone. What do those stats mean about my game?? If I am only in the 40-50% range pre-flop, does that simply mean I need to tighten up? I don't usually do well in tournaments or cash when I play really tight. If I showdown mostly strong hands, and play tight pre-flop, I appear to be a nit, and don't get much action. But I want to improve my win rate, and make some deep tournament runs. What should I work on?


  • awiggi3a

    How tight or loose you play is ALWAYS relative to the way you're opponents are playing. My local casinos are usually full of loose 1-3 and 2-5 games (DMV), so i like to practice my ring games on "more aggressive than normal" or "over aggressive" setting, and just practice solid hand selection (tight, and in position.)

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