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Why do the advisors tell me to go all in PF with J8o?


Here's the hand: I'm UTG-1, about 7BB in my stack and I draw a J8 off suit. All 28 advisors are telling me to go all in preflop. Why? THis seems counter-intuitive since J8o is not that strong and I'm in early position. My only guess is that my dwindling stack and approaching BB should make me loosen up, but THAT loose? It seems more likely that I could still wait for a better hand.


  • highfive
    Wish you had posted the hand so we could do the math against other stacks. So the answer can be theoretical only.

    Blinds and antes if there were some are worth winning alone in middle and late stages. A fold around might worth a 10 to 30% increase in stack size.
    J8 definitely not great push/fold hand but utg there is misperceived strength at times thereby increasing fold equity.
    When called you have decent equity against an unpaired hand. You might be called 77 and less. That's a flip.
    IF....your stack is threatening to several villains at the table, you have huge fold equity vs them. Essentially you are forcing a big stack to have a calling hand in late position.

    Many times having 35% to 50% equity on a push is undervalued. Why? Your tournament equity is 0% if hero continues to wait for a great push/fold hand.

    As the saying goes " in order to live, you must be willing to die."

    Study push/fold charts and scenarios.
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