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I'm a new member and i just finished my first weekly challenge. I received my session report and i can see all the hands were i lost or won money!Mostly I don't know if it was a bad play or i just had no luck! What's the best way now to learn from my mistakes?
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  • AllenBlay

    I would not recommend using the weekly challenge as your main training tool. Once you have played some, you will get a training plan each week on Sunday morning. I would recommend following the plan and you will improve.

    Also, I would recommend reading through this forum. There are a bunch of threads that address how to best use this site and I think those will be useful to you.


  • hififanh

    Ok thank you

  • highfive
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    Welcome @hififan
    Glad to see you found the Session Reports. Reviewing your sessions is a good habit to develop. All top players do it. I prefer the View button which gives a video replay of each hand move by move.
    To get you started ask a few questions:
    Should I have played this holding from this position?
    Was my bet appropriate?
    Was the bet sizing correct?
    Was my call correct here?
    Each session will produce a report if you play 100 hands or more.
    Review them. Find mistakes. Take notes. Eliminate 1 or more mistakes over your next session(s).This is a good way to get better.
    Tip: playing the wrong holding can lead to multiple mistakes. Knowing to Fold in that spot can eliminate many mistakes all at once.
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