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Folds AKcc??

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He folds AKcc for $97 all in pre? Unrealistic..


  • highfive
    He had the worst hand. Good fold. APT bots overfold to utg so not surprised.

    If hero wants action, hero should 4 bet instead of snap shoving. It is also a good strat for hero's bluffs unless hero intends to snap shove the bluffs too. Not recommended.
    As played, this method folds out worse and gets called by better.
  • 1warlock

    No one is folding that hand in that spot in a cash game. there isn't any room for a small 4-bet so the shove is fine IMO. If you ever find players who are this tight-passive for money, handcuff yourself to them so they don't get away from you.

  • highfive
    Didnt say I would fold here although even if I didnt know the hands, I would know it likely is a flip. I might even 3bet ship here. Players do have some fold equity at this level with villain holding JJ. Flipping is not optimal in cash games. And actually a 3bet of utg, the best JJ can expect is a flip. He gets called by QQ+ and AK. AQ calls here at this level. Some of the time QQ calls here.

    I am asserting that hero should play all hands the same way. Bot is getting great odds for a flip though. He should have called.
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