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To valuebet river or not?


I had a hand in cash game 1/2 recently where I am not sure if I should bet river.

Multiway pot like 4 or 5 to the flop, loose game,
Villain, a strong TAG player )raises preflop, I call with 98 o,
Flop A87 rainbow, we all check,
Turn 10 backdoor flush draw , villain bets 12, I make it 28- my reasoning is he doesn't have an ace or he would have bet flop, and I picked up equity.
Now that I think of it, my raise is too small, but anyway, he calls.
River is 9, I make 2 pair, he checks to me, and I check. He had q10. My 2 pair is good.

So, I am wondering , should I value bet?
What kind of a range should I have here if I raise turn and bet river?
I d be willing to bet with my missed flush draws and 9x most likely, and of course, straights. How would I construct a proper range here?


  • NappyN

    I think checking back the river is OK because there 7,8,9, T on the board. He could have a straight and looking to check raise you. Or he could have the lower straight and is going to call anything you bet. In this situation if you raised the river he most likely would have folded anyway. And if you bet the river you would probably only get called by hands that have you beat.

  • pgearan

    I agree with Nappy it's tough to see what hands he calls you with that you can beat, and if he is at all tricky, and check raises you on the river you are in a real tough position as you are behind to some reasonable potential holdings (e.g., AJ, JJ, A10, - although he likely bets those three on the flop - QJs, J10s, perhaps even KJs). Obviously he has all the sets on the board in his range also (as all cards are 7 and higher with 9s and 8s less likely as you hold those blockers) and although a tough call for him as a TAG, he may call you depending on your bet size.

    Yeah, interesting of how you construct your range with the turn raise. No aces or you would have bet the flop, so on turn J9 (made straight), J10, 109, 108s, 98, pocket 10s and pocket 9s, and perhaps trying to trap with the check on rainbow board on flop with pocket 8s and 7s (although seems like you must be in late position so a bit less likely). And as you say your missed flushes. But the overarching problem is still - with a 4 straight on the board does that take out on those good but vulnerable holdings (sets, two pair) such that your range is pretty polarized between straights and missed flush draws.

    All in all, I think it points to exactly what you did, checking and being relieved the 2 pair held up.

  • catluvc

    Ty for your responses.
    That makes sense, I guess not the spot for thin value.

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