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  • SkippyS

    Effective stacks are too shallow. The only play is all in. Even if you had 7.5:1pot odds it would not be the most optimal play as bb is going to jam a wide range with only 3bb left.

  • think
    edited August 2017

    Short handed (seven players), with you on the button with 77. Blinds 150/300 with 30 ante ($660 starting pot).

    You''ve got $2185, so your M is right around 3 (M = (stack)/(cost of blinds + antes for a full round)).

    That means your only move is really the all-in move. Harrington's "M Zones" are green (M>20), yellow (10<M<20), orange (5<M<10), and red (M<5). Green zone is the only zone in which you play "normal" poker. In any other zone, strategic adjustments need to be made (and these adjustments become more drastic as the M value decreases).

    Also, you have to figure to make 20x for set mining to be profitable. But that's a side note here. You don't have a deep enough stack to watch a hand develop. I think $300 to see a flop (and that is IF the blinds don't reraise you) is throwing money away on an 8:1 chance that might not even pay off if it hits. And what if you hit your set, but the flop comes out highly connected or 2 or 3 to a suit, and you're stuck with a semi-bloated pot (which gives opponents odds to stay in) and a few limpers?

    No one raised ahead of you, which is at least kind of a good sign. You only have four more hands before you're in the blinds again, anyway (and $30/hand ante adds up as well). I mean, if you're going to make a stand, it won't get much better. As an aside, the SB has a similar stack to yours, and the BB has a short stack, but the Hijack (Robbie) has a bigger stack and, since the CO has a big stack too, the Hijack has to worry about a reraise from the CO (I don't really see it happening here, but it's a concern in deeper games).

  • arwen402a

    Thanks a lot for the great feedback. But as I understand you guy's would all shove here, which to me seems like a logical action taking the low stack into account. But what really confused me in this hand was that the advice was to fold here. Like all 28 advisors would've folded this, and I don't really get why. Anyone any idea ?

  • NappyN

    When I looked at your replay the advice was to call.

  • SteveBlay

    I believe you might have misread the advice -- the advisor said to call.

    That being said, shoving is clearly the optimal play. I'll have to look at why the advisor recommended calling.

  • lasv3gasl

    Agree with above. I would have shoved to all-in. Calling is more than 10% of your stack and as noted above your M=3. How often will you have a better hand in this situation? It's not optimal, but I rarely get great cards in this situation. I would force the other players to react to my All-In. It would stack off just about all at the table. If I just called it would bring a flop and I will likely see at least one overcard with at least two others in the pot, maybe 4 if the BB and SM call.

    My two cents.


  • arwen402a
    edited August 2017

    Thanks for the usefull answers given, guys. I was a bit confused though, thinking I had misread the advice. But I am 100% sure that at the time of playing my action was to call and the advice was to fold. I know for sure as I took a picture of my screen to ask a friend at the time. And on that picture it was Doug Hull giving the advice YOUR ACTION : CALL ADVICE : FOLD

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