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Interesting run out from this week's weekly challenge


I made a really nitty check fold on the river, after going through the hand again, I like my line(wanted to check raise flop) but should of bet 2/3 pot on the river and folded to a raise. I was wondering how others played this board?


  • highfive
    First, we don't all play the same hands on the weekly challenge, so maybe no one else had this hand.
    Love the huge raise pre. You get big value from weak holdings and it is a good size for bluffing as you should have bluffs in this spot.

    This is a 100% bet board on the flop. You can get value from all sorts of hands. The bots and humans can have sets here, 2 prs, and draws as we see. Strong hands on wet boards hero should bet and bet big in 75% pot area or more. Villain checks back meaning lost value. Clear case of too tricky syndrome.
    On the turn hero should barrel again. Hero blocks and the board blocks all AK combos but AKd is available. Another reason to bet flop. If the flop were K 8 2 rainbow, that is a board to check or minibet since there is so little to get value from.
    Villain may have folded to 2nd barrel especially if hero lays bad odds for a continue by villain.
    Safe fold on the river. Hero should defend this bet size about 2/3 of the time. Hero has many better hands to call with, str8s, flushes, etc. Maybe a set of Ks is the strongest hand hero folds?
    I would be interested in hero replaying the hand. 1. Play the same but check jam the river. 2. Bet flop big and barrel turn 60% pot bet. Then report the results. Is it the same or different?
    Interesting hand. Thx.
  • blbhuhblb

    I didn't know we all played different hands in the weekly challenge, I thought since there was a leaderboard the hands were standard. Anyways I've been working on checking hands on the flop out of position, because my local game gives almost no action when CB out of position(makes bluffing easy but I want big pots when flopping top trips). If I were playing online I would 100% CBet this flop up to size of the pot depending on the players at my table.

    I replayed trying both scenarios you suggested and unless if I basically go all in on the flop the villain continues. They flopped pair and open ended straight draw. They make the straight on the river so any river bet is called in any scenario due to the runout.

    Thanks for the feedback I appreciate the "2nd pair of eyes"

  • highfive
    Hmm A little surprised you didn't get a fold on 2nd barrel. Villain doesn't even have a diamond. So he has 4 outs and binks it on the river. Of course in game there was a possiblity villain had the flush.
    For what it's worth, you earned Sklansky bucks since he made a pot odds mistake. Also he could have been calling to chop. Terrible call but he won. These are the players we make money from, so we just have to eat it when their terrible play wins.
    In your room, I would not change betting strong hands much. I check strong when I am at a table that has players that always bet when you dont bet ( apt bots). To me it sounds as if you need to change your table image especially if you play with many of the same players.
    Bluff more and sooner or later you will get caught and they will be eternally suspicious.
    Hint: I do this. One bluff and the next 9 value hands get called down. Lol
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