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How to play a small/medium pocket pair heads-up?


What is the best way to play a small/medium pocket pair in heads-up play?


  • highfive
    You didnt specify which position but I'll say preflop on the button, raise 100% normal raise size. Remember a pair HU is much stronger than 6max or 9max. Be prepared to cbet bc most cards that flop will be overcards especially with the small pairs. Villain will not have pairs mostly and will miss the flop mostly. Apply the pressure in position.

    In the big blind, 3bet any raise mostly. Blend some calls maybe 5 to 15%. Villain on the button raises with junk quite often in HU play. Rather than folding that out, sometimes call and have them play say Q6o.
    Post flop is complex to explain as there are so many boards that can come on the flop, turn, and river.
    HU is a beautiful game. Some think if a player can play well HU, it is good training for all nlh.
    Hand reading, continuing with proper odds, bluffing properly are all enhanced in the format. Players cannot just sit around waiting for premiums.
    Best of luck
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