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Should I have called the $21 raise?

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I didn't think calling was a good move with only a pair of 9's.


  • highfive
    So from the beginning with 3 limpers, I like a pot sized raise. You could take down the pot or get value from weak limping ranges. It also better identifies villains' ranges.
    As played leading is generally non optimal. One might lead intending to jam over a raise with say a pair+flush draw on this board. As we see when leading hero can get blown off his equity with nothing by villain.
    Imo hero should check with the intention to check raise and get value from flush draws, str8 draws, lesser 9s and so on.
    Me: I play more assertively than some so I do not like a call. I raise with top pair, 2nd kicker. A call lets all villains stay in at their price. Then we are taking a turn 4 ways with lots of bad cards that could come for hero.
    So my answer is no. Don't call. Raise or fold. Having said I would raise, I don't hate a fold here. If we return to the original raise pre suggestion, villains can have better on this board easily since hero checked pre.
    It would be a tight fold but the safe play. Calling is the worst option. The pot is growing and hero is still OOP and in the dark about villains' holdings.
  • mikec420m

    I felt stuck here and called because I thought I should play but couldn't reason things out like you did here. This is very helpful to me in terms of seeing how you go through your thought process. Thanks very much.

  • highfive
    Quite welcome. Review your hands. Tag more when playing. Post more. Lots of helpful members here.
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