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Call or raise?

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Hi guys, I'm really not sure what to do in this spot.

He could trap with the flush, he could have cbet with T9 and rivered the straight.

On the other hand AJ could have called me, same as AQ.

I also thought about raising the flop, but I just had top pair with a weak kicker.

The most disturbing thing is his betsize. It's not a value bet, it's not an overbet, it's not a minbet to induce a bluff.


  • highfive
    I like a 3bet pre. You are likely ahead of his cutoff open range. The hand may have ended there.
    Raise the flop to get value from str8 and flush draws.
    As played river is a call or fold. You have a bluff catcher only on this board. One pair or two pair is the same here. Given the bet size call. Fold to a big bet. You are behind a myriad of hands, str8s, flushes, other 2 prs such KQ, KJ.
    It's relative strength not absolute strength.
    Jmy2c Highfive
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