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Range button


I click on the advice button and the brain button comes up, but no range button, where or how to I find it when I would like the info?


  • hnallen68

    If you click on the Brain Button, range is one of the pieces of information that it will take you through. Note, the Brain Button comprises several screens of advice, not just the first screen that pops up.

  • AllenBlay

    Hi - the way to get to the show range button is to click the advice button. Once you click that, you will see a Brain Button show up and also a box that (momentarily) says "please wait". It is calculating the opponent's ranges. After a second or so, you will see that every opponent has a big "SHOW RANGE" button next to the name, along with an equity % that says "Your Equity". That approximates your win % and your equity in the pot and can be used to help you determine whether a call, etc. would be appropriate.

  • apt_gs

    I don't think that the range button works when the identity of all of your opponents is hidden. I also that this is how it should be because nothing is known about your opponent's tendencies (i.e. it is operating correctly, and not an error in the software).

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