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Heads Up?

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Hi Guys. Just bought a subscription to try and improve ny heads up game. I play mainly spin and gos but it's postflop heads up which is my worst. Just dropping by to get some newbie hjelp which settings and general approach.
To start I will just play plenty of HU I guess. But to get a training program you need a long 100 hand session right? You don't add up several shorter sessions?


  • AllenBlay

    Hi, and welcome to APT.

    For the training plans, it will add up ALL your hands over a given week, not treat them session by session. To get a session report that is at all meaningful you need to play at least 100 hands.

    However, there currently is not a HU training plan. Heads up is a very different game and we wanted to get the game launched, but it is taking a lot of time to make meaningful training plans and reports for that game. I expect that we will have one eventually, but we don't have one just yet. For now, my recommendation would be to practice a bunch and also try to play the live HU tourneys on our site. Those should give you a good idea of how you are improving.

  • synthesists
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    I read and reread hmh's post above and I think, when s/he was referring to playing heads up postflop s/he was suggesting that, in the normal play of a hand, perhaps s/he'd raised preflop and gotten 1 caller, (who s/he is head to head with in the hand)., or vice versa, where s/he called and got checked to, as opposed to, at the end of a tournament when the final 2 survivors bludgeon each other head to head til one screws the pooch.


    I'm also unsure if s/he's referring to cash games, sitngoes, or a tournament setting. Perhaps clarify this.

    If what I surmise is correct, while practicing the h2h trainer is worthwhile, and fun, I don't think it will address the deficit well. I think s/he needs choose to practice the scenario s/he described in a "normal" game setting and gain experience and comfort from 1000s of hands ( not 100s ) played so that responses are more automatic.

    Just me unable to sleep musing things. Your mileage may vary!


  • AllenBlay

    Yes, I would agree. If the issue is having trouble postflop, the problem could be getting into bad situations based on preflop play. Playing full hands will get you better practice at fixing that.

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