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Error 132-88


I have not been able to play today as the system keeps giving me the above error. I get this error regardless of device, so pc or phone. It also doesnt seem to matter which browser.

Please help.


  • AllenBlay

    Hi, This should be fixed now. We were trying to fix something else and inadvertently made this error happen for some people. You shouldn't get it again, but if you do, please let me know.

  • thesandweaselt

    I am able to play the live tournament on my android but not on my computer. I can log in, but when I click on the daily tournament the console doesn't load, the screen say connecting...

  • AllenBlay

    Sorry you are having that trouble. That sounds like either a firewall or internet connectivity problem - probably not something on our side. Make sure you don't have any security programs that might be blocking this and that the internet connection is strong. Another option you can try is clicking ctrl-f5 to reload the page in case there is something in your cache that is causing the problem.

  • HugoX

    what is error code 1127?

  • SteveBlay

    There was an error on the server last night, and the poker game was down right around the time you saw that error. It is fixed now -- thanks for reporting it!

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